course 2A

Self-Revitalising Course 2A

During this workshop you obtain more possibilities or tools to work with what was learned in course1.

You will learn to delve deeper into the information available.

You'll increase your inner strength.

You'll increase your awareness consciously.

You will connect more and more with your intuition.

You will enlarge your self-healing abilities.

In other words you'll increase your consciousness. You will expand the knowledge you have about your self, the influence of surrounding energies onto your field and your imput on theirs thus facilitating to increase your state of harmony.

Your awareness of how to use your intuitive guidance will enlarge your oppertunity to your feeling of well-being, enlarging

the possibilities to align emotions and thoughts thus increasing your wisdom.

Like course 1 this workshop willl take 2 full days.

You can attend after you have followed course 1 and are revitalising on a regular base.

Here too you have the possibility to book for private tuiton or as a member of a small group.

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