Course 2B Relationships

Self-Revitalising Course 2B Relationships

You, I , we all are involved in all sorts of relationships.

During course 1 and 2 you have learned to involve yourself in the relation with your-self.

In this workshop you will receive information how you act and react in the relationships you have with

your partner, your family members, your friends and colleagues.

You will come to understand the way you function in these relationships.

For example:

You will get an impression of your depency on others.

How you in general react when it comes to getting your opinon across.

You get an idea regarding your behavior during a stressful situation.

You’ll become more aware of the part you play in a certain relationship and what you can do when change is needed.

For example:

Through the combination of Self-Revitalising work and awareness regarding your attitude disharmonic energies can be neutralised.

You can follow the examples given.

You will decide to take action.

This course will take 1 day maximum.

You can attend after you have followed course 1 and are revitalising on a regular base.

Again you have the possibility to receive private tuition or to take part as a group member.

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