course 1

Self-Revitalising Course 1

In this first course, information will be given regarding the energetic systems.

And you will learn:

To connect with your purest source.

To ask questions related to the issues that block your flow of energy.

To ask basic questions aimed at self-discovery.

To neutralise disruptive (negative) energy.

To activate your self-healing abilities.

To become more aware of your attitude during different experiences.

To support your total development.

In general, the energy change will be noticed quickly. You become more consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions, of 

your bodily reactions, your treatment of yourself and others, and how you deal with life’s issues.

Needless to say that after learning this method all your problems will not be solved suddenly, nor will your problems disappear all at once. Each individual, each soul is responsible for its own actions and reactions and therefore your conscious participation in life’s progress is required. But for sure you will notice your awareness broaden and learn to increase your ability to handle life’s experiences in a more focused, adequate, and positive manner.

This workshop will be taught for 2 up to 2,5 consecutive days.

You have the possibility to book for private tuition or as a member of a small group.

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