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Revitalise your self!

All is energy.

Thoughts, emotions, feelings, bodies and spirit; all are forms of energy vibrating at different frequencies. 


You and I, we are living beings with different layers of consciousness and can be seen as a diversity in oneness. We are forms of intelligence creating thoughts and emotions. Through movement we act and react, giving us the oppertunity to produce miracles.

During our life we engage in all kinds of relationships and deal with all kinds of situations. Throughout this process the influence of our consciousness, of our soul and our bodily state, experiences, thoughts and emotions affect our health and mood. Having an influence

on our life's energy flow either for the positive or the negative.

As forms of energy we are in touch with others. We can linger in their presence, we can connect or repulse.

When you connect with others and stay in contact, you and the other(s) will start to vibrate on a simular frequency. Through the vibrating energy waves you can pick up their active memories including disruptive thoughts and emotions thus influencing your own. You can do this without realisation or by being consciously aware.

When energy expands it can create an opportunity for increase of consciousness and understanding. And when in harmony with this energy you can experience a feeling of wellness.

But in case of disruptive energy (either from others or from your own not fully comprehended experiences) your vibrating

frequency will start to slow down, affecting the energy flow and interfering with your feeling of well-being. Your vitality will change and

your system will activate warning-bells. By not becoming aware of or by ignoring these signals you will start to experience dis-ease,

stress or illness.

The use of positive psychology has shown us that whatever we pay attention to, within a few weeks starts to take on a more prominent role in our minds. Thus as long as you’ll hold on to disruptive energies like fear, shame, guilt etc. you will increase their negative influences.

But..........this indicates too that through the increase of positive thoughts and emotions you do have the ability to boost your life's energy and to experience a more fulfilled life.

By using the self-help method  "Revitalise your Self" you will learn to discover and to align with your inner power source.

You will be able to unlock your inner ‘vault’ where your soul-records are kept. There thoughts and beliefs are stored which influence your energy in a disruptive manner. The more you are able to release these negative influences, the more room you create to deal with life’s experiences in a stronger and more positive way.

You will learn to ask questions related to the issues that block the flow of your energy. Your awareness will be activated, in turn creating the possibility for your consciousness to expand and to release the disturbing blocks.

In general the energy change will be noticed quickly. You may become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, your bodily reaction,

your treatment of others and yourself and in your dealings with life’s issues.

If you wonder if these courses are based on spirituality we like to inform you that we translate this word as follows:

Spirituality is a process of personal transformation in connection with all surrounding energy. It is oriented on subjective experience and psychological growth independently of any specific religious context.

To learn and use this self-help method it is required to participate with an open minded attitude, a willingness to accept change

and the ability to easily speak and write the English language.

The aim of this Self-Revitalsing method is to bring you closer to your inner self in order to achieve a more loving, joyful and balanced life.

It is intended to be used as an healing method for yourself only!

Energy does not disappear…. it merely changes form.